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13 Ghost Points


Happy Halloween!!!

Sun Si-Miao (581-682 CE) "King of Medicine" came up with 13 Ghost Points for the treatment of mental illness. The points are divided into 4 groups called trinities. Each trinity represents the progression of the illness or possession.

First Trinity: Initial Possession - The Ghost starts to change the way you see the world.

Points: Ghost Palace, Ghost Faith, Ghost Eye

Second Trinity: Deeper Possession - Living without decisive direction.

Points: Ghost Heart, Ghost Road, Ghost Pillow

Third Trinity: "In" with the Possession - Addictions or Abusive Relationships.

Points: Ghost Bed, Ghost Market, Ghost Cave

Fourth Trinity: Total Possession - Hospitalization or Institutionalization

Points: Ghost Hall, Ghost Store, Ghost Leg

13th Point: Seal Hall/Third Eye (Needled at all Trinities)

13 Ghost Points are about taking back the self-control. When we go through life without direction or living with an addiction, it is no different from being lead by a ghost. These points are bleed to release the ghost to take back the control.

Hope everyoone have a great holloween without any possessions. KMU Wellness is here for you if you need to take back your self-control. Happy Halloween.

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