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Saying Goodbye to 2021!!!

2021 was an interesting year. It was the year of the Golden Ox... It was supposed to be a year of rest and recuperation. Looking back at some of my pictures from this year, I realized it was well rested. We went on some trips where we just hangout at the beach from sunrise to sunset. We met some of our friends we haven't seen in almost two years. And a lot of work was over zoom in our underwear. We have rested enough and cannot wait to get out there.

2022 is the year of the tiger. It's time for Big Adventures and Something New. As we close the curtains on this year, let's not forget the past but take it with us into the new year. Maybe this is the year where we actually go to the gym at least three times a week. Maybe this is the year where we actually learn a new language. Whatever our new adventures brings us in 2022 always put your health as a priority. Cause we have nothing if not our health.


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