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2022 Year of the Black Tiger!!!

Happy Lunar New Year. Year 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Three words to describe this year is ACTION, FREEDOM, NEW. Tiger is a wood element, it is active and builds momentum. But when stagnant can lead to aggression. The water element nourishes the Tiger's wood element. And finally 2022 is a Yang year. All aspects of Chinese Cosmology (Tiger, Water, Yang) is pointing to a year of Action.

Health-wise with too much doing and action, can be taxing on the Kidneys. This can lead to knee/lower back pain, insomnia, tinnitus, and tendon issues. The organs that are in jeopardy in 2022 are Liver, Gallbladder and Lungs. Symptoms includes hypochondriac pain, eye issues, and respiratory distress. Finally indigestion can be aggravated due to stress. This is a year of action, but be caution. Too much action can burn you out but without action can lead to more stress, more aggravation, and more frustration.

Last year was about rest and recuperation. 2022 is the year to go travel, do something new, and break out of yourself mentally and physically. Break out of your cage and explore. This is the year to experiment. Do not let fear guide you this year. Tigers are cautious but when they act they do it with unmediated power.

Have a Happy and Wonderful 2022 Year of the Black Tiger. And if you do find yourself burnt out or overwhelmed with stress, acupuncture and herbs will be helpful to balance you out. Maybe Acupuncture is something New to try this year. It will support your Actions.

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