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Different Types of Cupping

Cupping is the application of suction cups to the body. Cupping is used for pain, injury (sprain), stress induced muscle knots, digestive problems and even respiratory problems. The suction applied increases blood circulation which reduces swellings, removes toxins and brings nutrients to the area. This speeds up the healing process. There are many different ways to create the suction for cupping treatment.

Fire Cups

Fire cupping is the traditional method. The fire is used to deplete the oxygen and create the vacuum in the cup. The cup is placed on the skin to create the suction. Fire cupping does not burn or feel hot on the skin. It is a natural way to invite the blood to come up to the surface to recirculate. Usually glass cups are used but some have used bamboo and even baby food jars. It is hard to control the amount of suction on the skin but it can be moved on the oiled skin.

Manual Vacuum Pump Cups

These are the modern method. Manual vacuum pump is used to create the suction. These cups has more control of how much suction is created. If skin is suctioned too much, it could lead to itchy blisters. The cups can be made of plastic or glass. Some kits comes with tube extension so one can cup their shoulder or back by themselves.

Silicone Cups

These cups are made from silicone. The suction is created by squeezing the cup and placing it on the skin. These cups are portable and gentle. They even have a mini silicone cup that is used for facial cupping to reduce crow lines and smile lines.

The cupping treatment should not hurt. It usually leaves red marks in the shape of the cup. There are even different shape silicone cups to make specific shape on the skin, like a heart. These red marks are not bruises, they are blood coming up to the surface, similar to hickies, to promote circulation. These red marks can last few hours to a week. The mark is darker (more purple) if there is more stagnation.

KMU Wellness provide different types of cupping treatment for the patients' convenience. If you are interested please book a cupping treatment.

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