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2021 HERE WE COME!!!

On December 31st, we are excited and write all the improvements we are going to do for the new year. But for some of us it is difficult to keep those new year resolutions. Here are some tips so you can keep your resolutions throughout the year.

  1. Physically write down your goals. By physically writing down your goals, it will help you remember it throughout the year. Use post-it and place them around the room to mentally remind you of your goals.

  2. Keep your resolutions simple and specific. Do not just write lose weight or be healthy. Even though these are great goals, it's too vague. Instead write "I will lose 2Ib every month". By having a specific obtainable goal it will motivate you more to keep your resolution. Write post-it notes to motivate you.

  3. Share your resolution with friends/family and convince them to join you. Any task is easier working together. Also they can motivate you.

KMU Wellness want to help you keep your New Years Resolution throughout the year. If losing weight is your goal, we can form a specific treatment including acupuncture and herbs to help you obtain your healthy weight. We also suggest keeping a food journal and we will check up on your progress from week to week. KMU Wellness want to be your partner to help you keep up your optimal lifestyle.

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