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Your Heart, Your Spirit & Your Mental Health

“I know this by Heart...”

“My Heart’s not in it…”

“You stole my Heart…”

“I put my heart and soul into this…”

“I have a broken Heart”

These are some common quotes about our Heart. Most of these are just figure of speech, but there are evidence of our Heart having personalities. There are cases of people who can play a new instrument or a know a new language without previous knowledge after their heart transplant. There are even cases of people changing personalities or preferences. There is an interesting case in GA, where a man who received a donor's heart, met with the donor's widow to thank her, fell in love with her, proposed the same way and married her. The phenomena doesn't end there but don't Google it. Google responsibly.

In 2020, Dr. Mitchell Liester, assistant clinical professor at University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry, hypothesized this change in personalities could be due to transfer of cellular memory (Epigenetic, DNA, RNA and Protein Memory) or intracardiac neurological memory and energetic memory.

When I was at Boston University, I had an opportunity to present my Developmental Psychology Research paper at the Eastern Psychology Association Conference. From my findings, there was a significant statistical correlation between early childhood trauma (verbal or physical abuse), leading to psychology issues (Anxiety & Depression) then later on leading to Heart issues. Is it possible that from our early childhood trauma planted a dark seed in our hearts that grows and grows until the heart cannot contain it and fail?

Finally, when you get your heart broken... Your Heart Hurts... There is physical pain.

In Eastern medicine our Heart is the place for our Shen, Our Sprite. A root cause of an illness can arise when our Shen is out of balance. Our sleep can be disturbed with vivid imagery or even nightmares when our Shen is disturbed. There are points and herbs to calm/anchor the Shen or Boost/Tonify our Hearts.

Acupuncture and herbs can help with physical pain but it is also beneficial for emotional, mental health and pains we do not see.

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