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Baby It's Cold Outside...

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

1st KMU Wellness Haiku for the Change of the Season

Leaves have turned yellow,

It's getting colder outside,

Protect yourself now.

Here are some advices to protect you from the cold.

  1. Heat rises and vents out at the top of your head. Wear a hat to keep the warmth.

  2. Cold winds can enter at the nape of the neck. Keep this area covered with a scarf.

  3. Stop eating cold and raw foods. Cook your food, do not invite the cold in.

  4. If you are cold, drink tea with warming herbs (ginger/cinnamon).

  5. If you are hot, drink tea with cooling herbs (mint).

Keep yourself safe during this period. If you need treatment to boost up immunity or a custom herbal formula, KMU Wellness is here to help. Also, please wear a mask when in public.

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