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5 Spirits 1 Body…

Happy Halloween 2021!!!

The Five Elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, embody one of the basis of Eastern Medical theory. Each element represents different parts of "US" such as our organs, our emotions and even our spirits. The five Spirits in "US" are Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi and Hun.

The Fire Spirit is Shen. It is the Mind. It is responsible for our consciousness, thinking, memory and sleep. The Shen is treated for emotional and psychological problems related to the Heart such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The Earth Spirit is Yi. It is the Intellect. It is responsible for our thinking, memory and concentration. The Yi is treated to improve memory, concentration and capacity for study.

The Metal Spirit is Po. It is the Corporeal Soul. It is responsible for feelings and sensations. The Po is treated to soothe the spirit and nourish the Qi when it is dispersed due to sadness and grief.

The Water Spirit is Zhi. It is the Will Power. It is responsible for drive and determination. The Zhi is treated to strengthen our motivation and passion.

The Wood Spirit is Hun. It is the Ethereal Soul. It is responsible for sleep, plans, projects, life aims, and directing the Shen. The Hun is treated to influence our life plan and give one direction.

All five spirits have to work together for ONE to be balanced and healthy. When one spirit is overacting on another, such as when the Hun is angry, the emotion of the wood, it can lead the Shen, the fire spirit, on a wild ride. Instead of a restful sleep it can lead to tossing and turning or even nightmares. In Eastern Medicine we ask questions to evaluate the conditions of your spirits that could potential lead to the root cause of your illness.

Balanced Your Spirits and You'll Be Balanced!!!!

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