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Happy Lunar New Year!!! 2021 is the Year of the Golden Ox. Recently we attended a webinar by Lillian Pearl Bridges, a world's leading authority on Face Reading/Diagnosis and internationally recognized Five Element Feng Shui expert. She gave an amazing lecture on the Health predictions for 2021 and I wanted to share the information with you.

Year of the Ox is from 2-12-21 to 1-31-22. The element of this year is Yin Metal over Yin Earth. It is a harmonious year since Earth generates Metal. This is the year of yin, so being calm and rest will be rewarded. It is not the year of action (Yang).


Immune system is benefitted this year and less inflammation. However there will be more minor irritation such as skin rashes, hives, hay fever and other allergic reaction. More dryness in skin and hair. Increase coughing and clearing throat due to more phlegm accumulation.

Digestion will not be very strong this year, so lighter, cleaner, and healthier meals. Eat less snacks and comfort food. Fatigue will be more common and you will have less energy. Avoid over-doing and be sure to rest by sitting.

OCD, Anxiety and Pain will be more increased this year. Be more gentle.

Feng Shui

Beautify the home with fresh flowers, rustic and refined decorations. Have order and cleanliness and clear out clutter. Natural messiness and disorganization will be common. Lucky colors are Blue, Red and Purple. Lucky direction is West.

Go outside and watch the sunset.

Next Year...

2022 Year of Tigar Water Yang over Wood Yang

Lillian predicted it will be a Big Travel Year. So this year it is essential to rest and recover to ready yourself for new powerful energies.

Final 2021 Conclusions

Be Yin...

Be Calm and Rest

Beautify Your Home, Food and Life

If you want more information please visit Lillian Pearl Bridges' website,

If you need any help with your health for this year, KMU Wellness is here for you. We have protocols to improve digestion, relieve fatigue and beautify your face and many more.

We look forward to treating you.

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